Sky Goodies

"Letters from kids from different parts of the world made us realize that we were creating a value and making the world a better place in our own small way"

We had our own web designing agency but both of us shared an interest for creating handmade products. (Amit is a great fan of kids) We started making designer digital paper cuts and started selling them on Etsy. The business picked up pace and we started receiving several letters from abroad, praising what we were doing. Then one day we got one letter from a Children’s Cancer hospital. The letter said that children are loving our products and it thanked us for bringing smiles on the children's faces. The quest for more smiles is still on :)

Amit and Misha are owners of Sky Goodies- a brand that creates designer goodies for children. Former owners of a web designing agency, today they run Sky Goodies along with their small team of designers from their office in Bandra, Mumbai.

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