The Big Door - Vivek and Sunita

"India has so much art that it will take a 100 years to showcase all of it."

Even though we live in a country known for its intricately designed decor and artwork, many of us still trust foreign brands when it comes to the interior design of our homes. I wanted to show Mumbaikars, that one can have a royal home setting with native Indian decor along with a contemporary twist if they so feel. We love it when customers come in through the symbolic big door of our store and they have this expression of utter disbelief.

Sustaining a premium store profitably in Mumbai is a challenge in itself, but we want to showcase Indian art worldwide. If we ever open a Big Door in London, it would still be called The Big Door-Mumbai.

Sunita and Viveka are owners of The Big Door, an offbeat store based out of Bandra, Mumbai that offers vintage furnitures, arts, collectibles and jewelry. They moved to Mumbai from New Delhi along with their kids and launched The Big Door with their savings.

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