Tong - Saumar Sharma

"I am not waiting for a miracle, I am planning for one."

I work as a consultant for many prominent brands. Right now I am pumping my savings into Tong to keep it running and growing. Tong is a chinese word which means a gathering place. I dream of Tong to be not just a brand, but a gathering place, a community of likeminded people who love music, art and fashion. Fashion for me is not just the clothes and you wear or the jewellery you adorn, fashion is a way of life and it starts from the moment you get up in the morning. As a fashion brand, we try to 'fulfill the secret temptation of every women to look elegant and gracious' with our limited edition designer outfits.

Tong fashions is the venture of Mumbai based NIFT graduate Saumar Sharma and his team. Saumar works as a consultant for several fashion brands and simultaneously runs his label.

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